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Welcome To My Home Page

Current Driver's License - 2009
2009 Driver License

Current Driver's License - 2004
2004 Driver License

Knox County Schools ID Badge
Work ID Badge

Oak Ridge High School - Junior Year
Freshman Year

Me at 1 Year Old - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Me - 1 Year Old

Gatlinburg & Smoky Mountain Area Wildfires Page - Links To Local News & Area Info

Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Has Now Been Extended To Users of Assistive Technology - The Loophole

How To Check Your Computer For Software updates - The links To The Software Update Sites

Microsoft Office 365 Information and The New Office.com

My Web Site's Current Status, My New Domain Name, and Outages

Malware Warning - Rouge Anti-Virus programs on the loose

Windows XP End of Support Information

Book Time With Me on Book Time With Me- Me on Freebusy

My Social Networking Areas & Profiles On Other Third Party Sites

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Oak Ridge High School Class Reunion Sites

 Class of '60 - Class of '76 - Class of '86 - Class of '89 - Class of '91

A staff member at ORHS has now given all ORHS alumni a place on the ORHS main site to advertise upcoming class reunions. Please check this page regularly to find out whether your class is planning one or has one coming up. There is also an e-mail address for reunion organizers to request updates to the site. All of us alumni are grateful to have this additional resource which is something that was long needed and overdue.

 If anyone knows of anymore reunion sites, please go to my E-mail accounts page and let me know about them and I'll add links to their sites to this page, as well.

My Hobbies

Walking tracks and shopping malls whist listing to my .mp3 player. Taking the dogs to Dogwood Park and letting them play. Playing tennis at Tyson Park. Traveling the globe. Repairing electronic devices and anything else that has a plug on it. Fixing the cars. Playing on and fixing computers. Going to football games, both home and away. Taking old songs originally recorded and mastered on analogue tape and digitally remastering them to digital for a cleaner sound.

Helping organize and plan Oak Ridge High School (Class of '89 Reunions) "Wildcats"

My Other Web Pages That I Have Published

Thank You's:

God & Jesus Christ - For leading me down this path I'm on.
Mom - I love you.
Renee, Alyssia, & Adyna -  I Love You all, very much.
Stephanie - My #1 niece, I Love You.

In Memory of My Dad and Bill Scott

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please go to my e-mail accounts page and e-mail me from there. Thanks

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